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Your Favorite Ways To Camp?

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What are your favorite ways to camp? Why?

Do you prefer more of the comforts of home, cowboy camping under the stars, or something in between?

What types of locations are you most likely to choose?

Tell us everything! :)
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Speaking of BoonDocking - - - -
When the new Ford Bronco first came out, the wife had all her ducks lined up to buy one . . . just for "her", just because she wanted it to get away from people and do her beaching and fishiing. Sadly, there was so much bad reviews on it, she put it aside. Now, she's refocused on a Toyota 4-Runner. The only requirements is AC, Heat, 4WD, no rear seats and a sun roof to get in and out of the tent that will be on top of the vehicle. She doesn't have any interest (at all) in a van or pickup. This is still very close to being a reality. (in one form or another).
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