Just before sunrise, I start a pot of cowboy coffee over the campfire when I am camping. As the sun peeks at the horizon's edge and the birds begin their gentle serenade, I realize I cannot think of a better way to start my day in nature. I am in no hurry to go anywhere. I am lost in the moment of enjoying life and the world around me.

My passion for coffee leads to me always finding alternative ways to brew a cup no matter where I am out on the road.

Camping Coffee Percolator/Boiler
This will always be my favorite method because I can put the pot on the grill over the campfire or use a portable camping stove. I will get a good cup of coffee every single time. Because it takes longer to make, I can enjoy being surrounded by the incredible aroma of fresh coffee while I wait. I've got time.

Single Serve Coffee Bags
Like tea bags, steeped coffee bags are as simple as adding a single-serve bag to your coffee mug and pouring boiling water over the top. Hot, fresh coffee will be ready in 3-5 minutes. Depending on which brand you choose and how much coffee you drink, these can get a bit pricey.

Pour-Over Coffee
This method is becoming more popular with coffee enthusiasts. It may take more time and patience. Expect a learning curve while you experiment with the perfect grind and the pour method to get the results you are looking for. Look for options for being out on the road or camping, like the Stanley Camp Pour Over.

French Press
Although there are a lot of fans of the French Press method of making coffee, this is one of my least favorite ways of making coffee. The taste (for me) often turns out on the bitter side. That doesn't mean you shouldn't experiment with this method. You may find far better results. It all comes down to personal preferences.

Instant Coffee
When everything fails, and I am in a hurry, I keep some good quality freeze-dried instant coffee on hand. Using my Jetboil Flash, I can count on having a large mug of steaming hot coffee in my hand in under two minutes. This is always a win if I am hiking the trails or itching to get back on the road quickly.

Much like road trips are about the journey rather than the destination, a perfect cup of coffee is about slowing down and enjoying the moment.

What are your favorites ways of brewing coffee?