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Ugly Duckling

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I've seen this camper RV at a junkyard near my daughter's home in Jacksonville, FL for a few years. They moved it out by the road I guess for better exposure ?? So, went to Jax this weekend and I finally stopped to look it over this afternoon just because it is so "different" from anything I've ever seen. I couldn't see inside at all. Nobody around and no phone number on the yard. I left a note in a plastic bag on the fence for someone to call me about it.
Tire Wheel Bus Vehicle Automotive tire

Wheel Car Vehicle Tire Cloud

Automotive parking light Land vehicle Vehicle Car Vehicle registration plate

Plant Vehicle Sky Motor vehicle Cloud

This is what I found on Google Image Search - at least now I now what it is. . . .
Rare Eldorado Starfire RV Looks Like A Lincoln, And It's For Sale - 6552150
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