Are you looking for a change of scenery? Are you seeking the excitement of new adventures and the thrill of exploring the world around you? Consider transforming an old school bus into a personalized RV, affectionately known as a schoolie. With a schoolie, you can finally break free from the monotony of daily life and discover the limitless possibilities that await you on the open road.

Converting an old school bus into a home on wheels is an incredibly fun project that can lead to a lifetime of adventure and memories. But where do you start? Let's discuss some tips to help you begin your journey toward a life on the road.

Find the Perfect Bus for You
The first step in any bus conversion project is finding the right bus. School buses are a popular choice due to their sturdy construction and affordability. However, any bus can work if it is structurally sound and has enough space for your needs. Look for a schoolie with low mileage, good maintenance records, and minimal rust.

Planning and Designing Your Living Space
Before tearing apart your bus, you need to have a clear plan for how your space looks and functions. Consider your needs and the needs of anyone else who will be living in the space. Think about sleeping arrangements, cooking facilities, storage space, and bathroom facilities. Sketch out a rough floor plan and make adjustments until you have a layout that works for you, or use a tool like to help with the layout planning.

Strip Your Schoolie Down
Once you have a plan ready, it's time to start stripping the bus down to its bare bones. This involves removing all the seats, flooring, and anything else unnecessary for your design. Be prepared for this stage to take some time and require heavy lifting.

Let's Get Building and Installing!
With the bus stripped down, it's time to start building and installing your new space. This involves everything from framing walls and installing insulation to wiring electrical systems and installing plumbing. If you are not experienced in these areas, hiring professionals to help with the work may be worthwhile.

Add Your Personal Touch
Once the basics are in place, it's time to add personal touches to your space. This can be anything from painting the walls and adding curtains to decorating with plants and hanging artwork. Get creative and make it truly unique!

Hitting the Wide Open Road
With your bus conversion complete, it's time to hit the road and start living your new life on the go. Be prepared for some challenges along the way, but remember that every obstacle is an opportunity for growth and learning. Enjoy the freedom and adventure that comes with living on the road. Take lots of pictures and make plenty of memories along the way.

Converting an old school bus into a home on wheels is a crazy enjoyable, and rewarding project that can lead to a lifetime of adventure and memories. With some planning and hard work, you can turn a schoolie into your dream home on the road. So why wait? Start planning your conversion today, and prepare to hit the open road! What's holding you back from pursuing a life of adventure and exploration on the open road?