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The Cowboy Coffee Way

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Cowboy coffee is brewed simply and traditionally without using a coffee maker or other fancy equipment. It's often associated with the American Old West and cowboy culture, hence the name. Cowboy coffee is brewed by boiling water and coffee grounds together in a pot or kettle, then letting the mixture steep before pouring it through a strainer to remove the grounds.

While it may not be the most refined or sophisticated way to brew coffee, many people enjoy cowboy coffee's bold and robust flavor. It remains a popular method of brewing coffee among outdoors enthusiasts and camping enthusiasts.

Have you ever tried cowboy coffee?
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Have you ever tried cowboy coffee?
o n c e
I watch a lot of the Gunsmoke shows and Chester always puts a raw egg in the pot to collect the grounds. . . . . nope - never tried that one. (what do you do with the egg after it is poached in grounds) ??
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I have never added a raw egg to anything but my protein smoothies. :)
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