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Are you ready for an exciting solo camping adventure? Whether you're an experienced camper or just starting, camping alone can be an excellent way to connect with nature and find inner peace. Before you even begin, you may second-guess the idea of going alone.

I clearly remember my adult children believing I was out of my ever-lovin' mind even to consider solo camping.

While I don't usually feel the need to explain myself, I also didn't want friends and family to worry, so I started talking...

Why Would I Want To Solo Camp?

When I am out in nature, I find joy in the little things, from the stunning sunrise to the fresh fish frying in the cast iron skillet. I crave that sense of pure tranquility in my life.
  • There is no debate about where I want to go. I can throw a dart at the map if I want to.
  • I can choose exactly what I want to do and when I want to do it, even taking a night hike.
  • I can wake up at 4 am and drink coffee by the fire without disturbing anyone. Time ceases to exist.
But How Do I Stay Safe?

I feel safer than I do alone in the city, but I also use some common sense precautions.
  • Being aware of my surroundings and listening to my gut instincts make all the difference. If something doesn't feel right, I leave.
  • Although I carry my iPhone and wear an Apple Watch, I realize I may end up out of range. I plan self-protection accordingly.
  • I set TWO camping chairs by the fire and a pair of huge men's boots by my tent.
  • Social media never knows my exact location until I have already left it.
  • Preparing for the unexpected is part of my exhaustive packing list.
  • Someone knows where I am and when I expect to return.
The most important thing I do is relax and enjoy the solitude.

Do you enjoy solo camping? How do you prepare? ⛺
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