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Oil change time?

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Our rigs are normally carrying a lot of weight and under what most manufacturers will call Severe conditions.

Do you follow the manufacturer's recommended oil change intervals? How do you address oil changes on the road? Is Synthetic your choice or Conventional, and why.

I'm a Synthetic user and enjoy the extra heat and wear protective properties. My oil changes are usually before recommended intervals as I do them myself when convenient all most always at home.
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We go to Freightliner shops for our chassis (Freightliner), motor (Cummins), tranny (Allison) and generator (Onan) work. We figure it's worth it to have a team that know all the lube spots does an overall inspection and hasn't ripped us off. The service can be expensive depending on what mileage maintenance you're doing and can range from ~$450 - $1200 when you start throwing in filters and dryers, etc.

For oil we go with synthetic - pay the bucks and avoid failures on the road seems to be a good idea.

However, having the work done at Freightliner means we have good records which can help a new buyer (when we sell) have greater confidence.

Pretty much anything else we take care of; appliances, wood work, electric and plumbing.
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