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2020 Promaster 1500 Cargo Van
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I do want to take a moment to introduce myself. My name is Cricket. When I was born, my father told his friends I was the ugliest baby he had ever seen and sounded just like a cricket (I was born with the hiccups.), so yes, I have been Cricket for a very long time now. I live just outside of San Antonio, Texas, and spend most of my free time outdoors and exploring the back roads. When it cools in late autumn, I disappear from the world for a bit for camping trips, exploring, and hiking.

I have dreamed of being a van lifer for many years and finally started the process to make it happen.

In May of 2022, I bought a Certified Pre-owned 2020 Ram Promaster 1500 with 18,145 miles. There was already a sink (with foot pump water), a platform bed set up, flooring, foam insulation, and some shelving. I am just a little over 5 feet tall, so I can easily stand in it.

Then the real work began...

My oldest daughter graciously offered to provide me with a home base for my travels so that I could stop paying rent and be able to build out the van fully, one step at a time, while always having a home to return to and a permanent address. After giving notice at my old place, I began downsizing over the next 60 days, giving away or donating everything I wouldn't need to take with me.

I still have an overwhelming list of things to accomplish before I set out on the road full-time.
  • Internet Access On The Road (I work remotely.)
  • Installing Shore Power For State Parks
  • Investing In a Portable Power Station (Jackery?)
  • Off-Grid Solar Power Solution
  • Heating and Cooling Solutions.
  • Improve Insulation For The Ceiling
  • Learn Basic DIY Mechanical Skills.
  • Improving My DIY Skills To Add Drop-Down Desk
  • Toilet Solution For When One Is Unavailable (That doesn't involve digging a hole.)
  • Making Sure I Always Have a Backup Plan For My Backup Plans
In the meantime, I am taking weekend road trips and vacations to understand what I need.

I have a feeling I will be posting A LOT of questions here! :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts