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I am not a DIYer by any stretch of the imagination.

For affordability reasons, that means I am not likely to be able to start with solar power, house battery banks, and all the related wiring needed.

Researching Portable Power Stations

I have spent countless hours researching portable power stations for extended camping road trips and eventually van life as a digital nomad. Most of the time, I would be able to charge the mobile power station at Texas State campgrounds and am hoping by solar the rest of the time. Unfortunately, after reading a gazillion articles and comparison reviews, I may be more lost than I was to begin with. I am counting on y'all to help me sort it all out.

Is one brand more dependable than another? Which one would you be looking at? Am I missing a good option?
How do you determine how big of a portable power station you need within each brand?

Does it come down to how big of one you can afford? Or is there a minimum requirement for specific needs?

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I will use a portable solar system on my rig to start for Starlink and my mobile office.

This way, I can move it around if I am in trees; I have a 50-foot cord for the Starlink, also.

Something like this:
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