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2008 Tiffin 36QSH, 2017 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk
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DW and I are very retired and sold our S&B home in North Florida, USA and liquified everything, bought a motorhome and full-timed for three years searching for a new place that woul serve as basecamp for our future travels. We crossed the USA a couple of times and spent winters where it was warm and traveled during the remainder of those years. Finally spent a winter in Fort Myers, loved the place, the people, the water, the beach and bought a new S&B in 2020

Hmmm... traveled three years and over 20,000 miles and ended up about 4-1/2 hours from where we used to live - go figure!

Since then, we've gotten back on the road when the summer heat sends up North and we think that's a good pattern to keep up.

We've modded the MH, thrown out all the old electronics and cut the cord, added theater seating, TV elevator credenza with fireplace, basement slide tray, FlexArmor roof (no more fiberglas chalking on the sides) and much more.

Eager to see what other folks are doing, where they're headed and how the overcome the little frustrations and giant obstacles we all seem to encounter.

Travel well!

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