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Always Make Time For Fishing!

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Several years ago, my son and I took a road trip to Lake Bob Sandlin State Park in Northeast Texas, in the Pineywoods region.

We had a fantastic campsite that bordered the lake and offered the most beautiful sunsets.

Immediately after discovering this spot, my son ran back to the truck returning with fishing poles and tackle.
Cloud Water Plant Sky Natural landscape

In a crazy short amount of time, we had a few panfish. We put them on a stick over our campfire within mere minutes of catching them.

At that moment, while eating the freshest fish, I always vowed to bring fishing gear on all my road trips. It was one of the first things I made room for in my van!

Are you always prepared to go fishing on a moment's notice? :)
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Awesome photo, Cricket - You always seem to find that little sliver of time that just means so much.

Speaking of fishing: I used to fix the grandkids Fish-n-Chips when they were little. (they are 15 & 17 now). Haven't seen them in awhile and haven't cooked for them in ages. When I go to visit, they want to eat out at the seafood place. I told them they can cook just as good as them with a little practice. But, it's always "there's nobody to show us". Well, yesterday, I gave them the "basics" in a short video of how they can do it. Waiting to see how well they can follow directions.(I prefer lemon pepper - but, the kids don't care for it, thus the plain kind). YMMV (Your Methods May Vary).
Next time I am in Florida I will be stopping by with my famous walking stick. :love:
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First "road trip" since this forum has started . . .
The wife and I are going to to Cleweston today just for funzees. Cleweston is at the bottom of Lake Okeebechobee and the beginning of the Everglades - gonna take a couple of sacks and try to round up a python or two for some gas money. Then, maybe catch Roland or Scott Martin at their marina and grab a fish samich.
OR - just a leisure day trip out of the house for her to see something new.
I'll be totally out of pocket for the entire day. (might do some fishing - depends on the weather).
You go snake hunting?
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That is a great area, I loved my time North of there last year in the Forgotten Coast.

I want to move here one day:
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