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Always Make Time For Fishing!

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Several years ago, my son and I took a road trip to Lake Bob Sandlin State Park in Northeast Texas, in the Pineywoods region.

We had a fantastic campsite that bordered the lake and offered the most beautiful sunsets.

Immediately after discovering this spot, my son ran back to the truck returning with fishing poles and tackle.
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In a crazy short amount of time, we had a few panfish. We put them on a stick over our campfire within mere minutes of catching them.

At that moment, while eating the freshest fish, I always vowed to bring fishing gear on all my road trips. It was one of the first things I made room for in my van!

Are you always prepared to go fishing on a moment's notice? :)
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Great picture. Something about fresh caught fish and how they always taste better. For years I've always carried one of those collapsing poles on my motorcycle for when I came on a good spot. Haven't done that in a while but you reminded me how enjoyable it was sitting on bank side.
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